We woke up early this morning to go to the church, where there was some sort of youth program going on at 6:30am.
All the kids gathered in uniform, lined up by grade (each grade had a certain color scarf), and sang songs in the church. They welcomed us in and clapped as we stood up front by the altar. I got a little teary eyed walking in there - it was a pretty special round of applause! Check out my instagram for photos of that - it was too early for the big camera! After that we had breakfast and spent most of the day resting (at least, trying to rest. I attempted to nap this morning and woke to the sound of 30 kids singing Justin Bieber - "BABE-A BABE-A BABE-A OHHHHHHH!"). I taught some ballet positions to the other volunteers (first and second positions in the feet, first, second and fifth positions in the arms, and a plié) - they will be adding some French to their multilingual skills with our little ballet lessons!

We had plans to go to a farm with some of the kids but there was a monsoon-status downpour this afternoon so we stayed inside instead. This evening we had a Skype session with our fellow volunteers up north in Hue (ETA4's other program) which already has 1,400 kids registered for classes! Tomorrow is day one of the program - we will see who shows up (and how many!), place them in the appropriate level, and go from there! We choreographed a pretty hilarious dance together to do for the kids to the tune of "YMCA" but we say "ETA4" instead - we were cracking up. We ate dinner with the Father after mass (there are three masses a day at the church), and after we finished eating he asked me (in Vietnamese, translated by Trang, one of our amazing fearless leaders) how long I sit and meditate. I guess he saw me in the pagoda yesterday! He told me (via Trang) that he meditates an hour each day and told us about a healer who meditates for five hours a day and has cured people of all sorts of ailments - she is coming to the village soon, maybe she can heal my sore throat! Time to spend some time looking at the coursework and thinking about how I want to go about teaching my first class - wish me luck!!

 This was earlier in the day - later on the clouds got so thick we couldn't see the mountain any more - then the downpour came!

 There are a few dogs who live at the church. One of them gave birth to the tiniest puppies recently - they can't even open their eyes yet! They live in a box next to the kitchen.

Check it out! Those are our classrooms!
 Check out that little girl! She was posing for me! They saw me with the camera immediately and started giggling and smiling at me. 

 This is where I taught the volunteers some ballet this morning!