Last night the kids had their annual camping trip organized through the church. It was POURING rain
all night, poor kids! They were organized into teams with biblical names and each team had their own tent. I think many of them slept at home or in the classrooms due to the rain. This morning they played some more games and had a closing ceremony including awards (I presented an award to someone! I had no idea what was going on, people just told me "ok, take that and give it to someone!") There was a lot of chicken dancing (there's a video!) and I saw many of my students and several of my little girls.

 One of my favorites (oops, I'm not supposed to have favorites…), Truc (sounds kind like "juhp"), kept pointing to my camera and gesturing for me to let her take photos. I carefully put the strap around her neck and kept a close eye on her, showing her how to press the button to take a photo. She took a few photos of me (while I was taking photos of her, there's a cute picture on Instagram). I had a nice talk with one of the priests who asked me when I was going home and how long I had been in Vietnam. He came to my class a lot the second week (he was the one who climbed the wall to act out "monkey," if you recall that incident) and told me he had a lot of fun in my class and that it was "helpful! Yes helpful!" When I told him I have been here one month he asked me how I felt in Vietnam. I told him I had a very nice time there, but I missed my home. He understood and did a gesture with his hands, spreading them out far away from each other to say: "long time, far away." I nodded "yes, far and long."

 At around 11am the kids all went home to recover. Tomorrow we will be back in classes! Three more days of teaching left for me. Time to plan my lessons. Below are some photos from this morning as well as some photos from last Friday and three funny videos of the boys doing their "The Voice" skit.

 Funny crawling race

 Hi Chi!
Taking a photo of Truc taking a photo of me

 Little campers!
 Me and Truc

Chicken dance!
Shots from rainy Friday:

 Bao waving to me

 Hi Chi!

Huy = Lady Gaga. I love it!