Oh man!

This morning we learned about movies. There was a lot of acting out ("Western" was especially
interesting with an imaginary lasso and some galloping). The boys were being really loud and the girls were being almost completely non responsive - I would say "do you understand? Yes? No?" And get nothing back. It's hard to help when you get no response! I'm considering interspersing boys and girls tomorrow (they sit on opposite sides of the room) to try to get the boys to quiet down and the girls to open up. We did a crossword puzzle and some of the girls were struggling while the boys were all finished and being rowdy, so I told the boys to come to the girls' side of the room and help them, which worked fleetingly - I got two of the boys to actually help (two of my most faithful students Tai and Huy).

One of the kids, Hung, is really into Donald Duck and kept screaming "duck!" whenever I asked about cartoons/animation. Huy and I got into a brief duck sound competition - "quack" vs "cap cap." I said Donald Duck - "quack" and Huy yelled "no! cap cap cap!" Pretty funny. My TA Duc made it clear that his name is NOT Duck so of course I took that as an opportunity to write "Donald Duc" on the board and draw an arrow to his head. We had the students write movie scripts which was awesome. One of the groups performed their skit about a bank robbery in which one of the priests played a police officer - there's a partial video below. I was cracking up when Hung said "If you kill me I'll kill you" and Huy said "oh man!" in response. "Oh man" is Huy's favorite English phrase and he uses it in any and all situations. It makes me laugh every time. After that it was time for swimming lessons during which the boys kept saying "Low-rah! Picture!" and doing silly things like sitting on each other and throwing each other in the air for me to take action shots.

In the afternoon we watched Harry Potter on my laptop. It was so cute to watch the kids watch the movie - they were pointing and laughing at certain parts like when all the letters come flying through the chimney and I was saying things like "owl!" "snake!" "magic!" After a while several of the little kids came in to join us and were touching me and sitting on top of me (there always needs to be contact!) Huy was asking me what the characters' names were and how to spell them ("his name Ron? R-O-N?") and pointing to things like Harry's broom saying "broom? B-R-O-O-M?" There were several rain showers throughout the afternoon and at some points it got so loud on the tin roof that we couldn't hear the movie at all! 

Just attempted to take a shower and the water went off after a few minutes. This happens frequently! I managed to get my hair washed but part two will have to happen later tonight (hopefully). Be grateful for your showers!

 There he is, Donald Duc
 Nam preparing for the skit
"Robbers" Huy and Nam

 Hanging at the pool

 A bunch of my boys! Nam, Hung, Vic and Huy
 Working on their dives (they were a little less belly flop-like than yesterday!)
 Watching the big boys swim!

 Being very silly

 Watching Harry Potter

Huy wrote "Harry Potter" and "Laura" on the desk - he wrote my name, pointed to it, I nodded "yes" and he said "so beautiful!" hahahaha