Sincerely, Me

I began class this morning by writing my contact information on the board so my students can contact me after I leave on Saturday, should they ever have questions in the future or just want to say hi. It's going to be strange to say goodbye to them! This afternoon we waved goodbye to two of our volunteers who are now back in Saigon. In class today we learned about letter writing in the morning and careers in the afternoon. Two of the boys wrote letters to me and put them in hand-made envelopes - I'm not allowed to read them until I get home! I may have read them already….I couldn't resist! Another one of my students, Anh, is a 30-something woman who only started coming to class a few days ago. She arrived for class in the afternoon with a little box with a bow on top - a gift for me! She gave me two keychains and a bracelet and some mint condition Vietnamese money to take home as a souvenier. So sweet! I handed out the NYC pencils (purchased at JFK) that I had left and they loved them much more today than they did on the first day (next time give the gifts at the end!) In the afternoon we had fun learning about professions and I asked the six afternoon students about their dream jobs: singer, photographer, model, psychologist, magician (Nam! See his tricks on Instagram), kindergarten teacher, pilot and cook were among the dreamjobs. Afterwards I hung out with some of the little girls and they took me on a bike ride to visit the newly built school down the road. I had my last movie night with the kids - we watched "Wreck-It Ralph" (with Bao on my lap the whole time).

 Nam and Hung with their letters to me!

 Bye bye Thanh Thanh and Uyen!

 Hung has proved himself to be quite a ham in recent weeks
 Cousins and my students - Kiet and Nam
 I just met this little one today and we were instant friends! She came to check out the new school with me and the girls and was jumping around being silly and cute (and I was saying "careful!" every two seconds as she climbed walls and walked barefoot on a construction site)
 Mom driving her kid home from school!

 Just some ducks we passed by on our walk around the church. There were also tons of chickens and dogs roaming around.